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"My music is an expression of my soul  attempting to speak the language of love to all who would tune into the vibration"

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The Story

Music is the one thing that has been consistent in my life's journey.

It was in fact the umbilical cord that kept me from going over the edge from being sickly from the environmental and human chaos. 

I was born in an era of music of which in 2023 I sincerely realize how blessed my hearing is because I grew up in the 70's playing instruments in bands, in choir, dancing to live music & the blues on a Friday night with family and on church come Sunday morning. 

Oakland California in 1971 was buzzing with all kinds of hip, soulful, and inspiring music. It was a different kind of energy. Stevie Wonder was cranking out more hits than pancakes! Bobby Blue Band and BB King would pop-up at local jook joints in North Oakland. The Rock evolution was blazing. The Jacksons was all over the place. The world needed this music and energy at the time. I was born smack into a revolution and would arrive on the planet after historical assassinations of very important national and global leaders. People needed to dance and hear the music so loud to cover up the pain and crying. Then along came, The 70's kids, aka Starseed's. Born with multicreative purposes and a mission to change the vibrational frequencies on the planet by any means necessary. I'm only one of a few thousand. Many are famous. Many are not. Many are highly innovative and inspiring leaders.  

So here are I am, half a century later, sharing all that I have observed and have managed to create musical forms in the hopes and wishes that will inspire and be shared for many generations to come just as those before me have done---so shall I doeth.

Many Blessings.

Patrick "The PatMan" Anderson

aka Pondorosa Puchooooooo!

bka Minister Anderson (Ordained Minister of Music)

Tube Microphone in Studio

"The things we know the best are the things we haven't been taught"

Luc de Clapiers

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